Buying an “off plan” property

Expert lawyers in assisting clients at the time of buying an off-plan property in marbella, and around Spain

Once it comes to buying a new property, “Off Plan”, that means, basically, a brand-new purchase directly from the hands of the developer of said property. In that regards, our especially expert real estate lawyers in cases that involves purchasing a property “Off Plan” & the taxes related to it, will guide you through the hurdles that present themselves along the path you take.

 Our lawyers, expert in all things related to tax & taxation of properties in & around Spain, are going to breakdown the costs of the relevant property & make sure that its taxation fees are well paid on time.

 New houses are lengthier in the period of time it takes to process these aforementioned new houses, they are new, unregistered & usually, provide a hassle getting all their respective documents processed in timely fashion.

Us lawyers & especially our respected law firm of Mercury “Abogados & Lawyers”, are thorough & finely detailed in processing paperwork, in a smooth, proper & exact fashion. Our law firm in Marbella leaves zero discrepancies with respect to taxation fees & relative expenses regarding the purchase of an “Off Plan” property, an area that our Mercury excels in.

 Mercury’s lawyers are well-poised to take it to the next step, with respect to our client’s case. Often, our work takes us to tussles with the authorities, over the necessities of the completion & filing of paperwork, it becomes a matter of the people that you know. It pleases us to announce that Mercury law firm is the most well-connected law firm in Marbella & in & around Spain. This experience is necessary to complete administrative tasks & understand the cultural, political, social & religious points of view that our clients have, more importantly, the points of view that our opposers have, i.e, the negotiating officers at a police station, or, civil servants.

Getting your way around the world gives you a reputable name & prestigious reputation. Mercury “Abogados & Lawyers” have it in abundance, with mastery, tactfulness & diplomacy applied to each & every proceeding that our law firm takes with respect to officers, authorities & courts. Our law firm will fight for the client. 

Our law firm, guarantees you, that with our help, your respective property will be handled in appropriate fashion, taxes assessed & assisted with in its submitting.

Do not hesitate to contact our Law Firm in Marbella if you have any questions regarding to buying a property off plan in Marbella, Spain, our team of expert Lawyers in Marbella will be happy to advise you and carry out all the relevant procedures of the purchase.


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