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Donation between non-residents

Donation of real estate between non-residents


The donation of real estate between non-residents in Spain can be made to a child, a close relative, or a third person. In this article we address questions such as what taxes can be generated, the necessary documentation or if it can be done through a power of attorney

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Donations in Andalusia

Donations in Andalusia


How much do I have to pay in Andalusia for a donation? Well, we have to say that donations in Andalusia are discounted at 99%. See more information about the tax procedure for donations in Andalusia here…

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tax in marbella mercury lawyers in marbella

Taxes in Marbella


Our law firm specializes in executing the obligation of taxes to the best of our ability, that meaning, the law will observe and deduct from all angles, regarding your tax case, the best step forward and best move towards motion, progressively.

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lawyers in marbella contact Modificación del impuesto sobre sucesiones y donaciones en andalucía

Modification of the Tax on Succesiones and Donations in Andalucia


By means of the Spanish Law 1/2019, of 9 April, a series of amendments is made to the revised text of the provisions issued by the Andalusia region regarding assigned taxes.

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