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Commercial and Civil Barristers

Our team of Commercial and Civil Barristers represent and defend individuals and companies in any type of legal action.

We provide our clients with the legal advice they need to succeed, supporting them closely throughout the process.

Due to our excellence in a variety of practice areas, we are able to analyse a problem quickly and assess the interests of our clients. When the problems are relatively straightforward, it may be unnecessary to pursue expensive litigation, so our Law Firm in Marbella has a Mediation service to resolve disputes in the fastest and most friendly way possible, saving costs and time for our clients. However, when matters are complex or there are large amounts of money at stake, our Litigation Lawyers in Marbella will conduct litigation with unparalleled dedication, keeping the long-term success of our clients as the ultimate goal.

Commercial and Civil Barristers in marbella

How do our Civil Lawyers work?

Our Commercial and Civil Barristers in Marbella will carry out a personalised study of your specific case, together with a feasibility study, analysing the legal situation and the legal options available. In this way you can assess whether it is practical to take action and consider the probability of success before initiating any action.

We specialise in drafting appeals and lawsuits in:

  • Contractual breaches
  • Money Claim, chaser letter and letter of intend
  • Evictions
  • Property disputes
  • Compensation claims for civil liability of companies and individuals

We have Litigation Lawyers specialising in building, property and planning law in Marbella. Our barristers are accustomed to the complexities that often arise in the process of a sale or purchase of properties in Marbella and the extensive contractual negotiations that may be involved.

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