Assisting clients at the Police Station

Our esteemed services include following up & traversing through towards police stations in the town of Marbella, the location that our Mercury “Abogados”, or, lawyers, headquarters is based. These services do not fall short of, assisting clients, amending paperwork, filing necessary documents & talking, or, negotiating, with governmental officials & authorities. I.E, judges, police officers & prosecutors.

 As you can see, our work is very diverse & multi-varied. The service offered to our clients are flexible, unique & converging towards the favored requirements of our clients.

Our law firm is glad to announce that our methods of assistance extend to reaching out to the community of police officers that our great, little town holds. 

 Our clients have the right to a well-processed & tranquil fashion of proceedings regarding their respective cases & our respective law firm is very pleased to say that the commencement of proceedings with the authorities will be handled in a concurrent fashion, the trusted & revered brand name of our law firm opens a margin of leverage going into a discussion of formal boundaries once it comes to dealing with authorities. It pleases us to say that our law firm, again, offers zero shortages of leverage going into a discussion.

Attending to our client’s respective demands & wishes is a priority of ours, it comes second to none. Assistance of a client at the police station & through every step of the procedural governmental proceedings is an assured factor that continually makes our law firm stand out.

 With respect to the client of ours’ case, our lawyers will check the facts, filter out the evidence & make sure the file of our client is duly refined through without any hitches.

Mercury “Abogados”, or, criminal defence lawyers of Marbella, Spain, understand & are empathetic towards our clients & will encourage, support & persevere for the sake of our client through any field, with expertise of negotiations mastered through years of dedication.


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