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Conveyancing Lawyers

Mercury Lawyers has the best Conveyancing Lawyers

Conveyancing Lawyers

Purchasing a property in Spain

Mercury Lawyers accompanies you throughout the purchasing process. We perform all the relevant procedures in the purchase of a property in Marbella, and throughout Spain. First, our Real Estate Lawyers will carry out a detailed study of the property, checking possible debts and hidden liabilities of the property. This will tell you the legal status of the real estate. This study includes a land survey, which covers things like planning permission. Our specialists in conveyancing law will draft the reservation contract and the private contract. They will also prepare the draft of the title deed to be signed before the Public Notary. In addition, they will register the property in the Land Registry. Finally, they will manage all the taxes associated with the purchase.

Arranging contracts for connection of utilities and arranging any payment by standing order for services such as water, electricity, IBI tax, rubbish collection tax, community of owners fees and any other that our client wishes.

Conveyancing Lawyers in marbella

Selling a property in Spain

We study the current status of your property. Mercury Lawyers calculate the expenses and taxes involved in the sale of your property in Marbella, not only in the Costa Del Sol but throughout Spain.

We calculate and submit the capital gains tax and income tax for non-residents (Form 210), plusvalía tax (property appreciation), draft the reservation contract and private contract. We also prepare the title deed to be signed before the Public Notary.

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Rental contracts

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, an individual or a company, we can help you. Our expert Conveyancing Lawyers will carry out all types of management related to renting or renting out personal or business property, whether short term or long term.

Conveyancing Lawyers in marbella

Registration of tourist rentals at Andalucia

Our expert Property Lawyers will advise you about all the requirements. As well as registering your property at the registry of tourist rentals of La Junta de Andalucía. Whether your property is located in Marbella or elsewhere in Andalucia, we can help you.

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Construction: advice to real estate developers

Thanks to the experience of our expert Conveyancing Lawyers working in real estate developers, we can offer a full advice service to real estate developers and builders.

Conveyancing Lawyers

Purchasing off plan property

Our expert Conveyancing Barristers in Marbella have extensive experience in dealing with matters related to the purchase of an off plan property anywhere in Spain.

The conveyancing services of our Law Firm in Marbella draft a detailed due diligence report about the property that our client is acquiring and also on the different issues involved in the construction process. We verify that the construction is being carried out in accordance with the law.

Conveyancing Lawyers in marbella

Communal property (horizontal property): community of owners

Mercury Conveyancing Lawyers takes care of any matters related to communities of owners. For example, setting up the constitution of the community of owners and acting on behalf of the client in annual and extraordinary general meetings of the community of owners and making sure that matters are included on the agenda.

Thanks to our Mediation Service in Marbella we offer a method of resolving internal conflicts between neighbours without the need to take legal action.

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