The Burofax in Spain

We offer a service to provide a “Burofax”

What’s the document?

Why it’s necessary?

Why to submit it before the lawsuit?

The esteemed services, entailed by us here at Mercury Lawyers, seasoned & veteran “abogados” here in the heart of the Costa del Sol & Andalusia, Marbella, Spain, offers prestigious services that range from, but, are not limited to, the presentation and submitting of the “Burofax”. Our services are designed to help the client, place them at ease & relieve them of judicial, legal and contractual burdens.

 Our establishment in Marbella & our lawyers that accompany you along each step of the way, understand the value of a professional service, a reputable service that cherishes lawyer-to-client relationship, making life easier & more thorough.

Importance of Burofax in Spain

Those that have navigated & examined the Spanish legal system, “Ley”, “Derecho”, would know it mentions the critical role of the “Burofax” & its importance across all aspects, sectors and factions of the legal system here in Spain. It is a vital medium that is created as a warning-in-advance notice, or, heads-up for the opposing party in a legal case to be fully aware of pending & incoming legal lawsuits, claims, etc...

Its necessity, therefore, is greatly valued & placed as a fundamentally key document that its utility is crucial to the sustainability of the case of all parties involved. The “Burofax” is going to be a document that is going to be sent from the postal office by our law firm to notify the parties involved & those opposing that there is legal action that is going to take place.

So, what is the “Burofax”? Here, in Spain, the place that our offices are located, more specifically, in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Andalusia, operate on a basis and legal understanding that the “Burofax” is an official & lawful way to inform the opposing party that the claims stated inside the aforementioned “Burofax” has to be met, otherwise, legal proceedings & procedures will take place, be it in the form of courts or hearings.

 Therefore, it is of the lawyers & “abogados” of Mercury’s understanding & duty to formally address the mentioned details of a “Burofax” for our clients, be it sent or received.

Do not hesitate to contact our Law Firm in Marbella if you have any questions about sending or receiving a “Burofax” as a step prior to legal proceedings. Also do not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubt about any civil and procedural matter. Our expert lawyers in civil and procedural law will be happy to assist you.


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