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model 720 about Patrimony

European Justice knocks down the model 720 about Patrimony


The Court of Justice of the EU rules that the restrictions on the free movement of capital that it imposes are disproportionate and the fines are very high. This decision of the European Court does not imply the repeal of the obligation to present form 720, whose term for the 2021 financial year expires on March 31…

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New way of calculating those Capital Gains

New way of calculating those Capital Gains obtained from a property sale


The Government has recently modified the method of calculating capital gains, mostly known in Spain as IIVTNU (Tax on the Increase of Value in Urban Lands). Now we have two alternatives to calculate the tax rate…

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Tax modification affecting property taxations lawyers in marbella

Tax modification affecting property taxations with effective application from January 2022 onwards


As of next January the 1st 2022, the way to calculate the tax base of the ITP, the Estate and Inheritance tax will be linked to the reference value of the Cadastre

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Non-Resident Tax (modelo 210) Mercury lawyers in Marbella

Non-Resident Tax (modelo 210) for those owners with properties in Spain


All those Non-Residents with properties in Spain are due to present and liquidate the referred TAX before the end of 2021.

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The modification of the Municial Gain Tax. Mercury Lawyers in Marbella

Goverment approves the modification on the method of calculation for the Plusvalia Municipal (Municial Gain Tax)


Do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Marbella if you have any questions regarding to the Andalusian transfer Tax and stamp duty or at the time of buying a property,

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Expert lawyers in conveyancing

Expert lawyers in Conveyancing


None wishing to buy a property should do it without consulting with the shared and reputable dynamic workforce that is Mercury lawyers in Marbella. Our overwhelming expertise coincide in, our collective ideological wits surrounds & knowledge far supersedes those of our competitors.

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Community of owners in Marbella

Community of owners in Marbella


Do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Marbella if you have any questions regarding the communities of owners or if you want our lawyers to represent you in a meeting of owners.

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Buying an “off plan” property

Buying an “off plan” property


Once it comes to buying a new property, “Off Plan”, that means, basically, a brand-new purchase directly from the hands of the developer of said property. We are expert lawyers in assisting clients at the time of buying an off-plan property in marbella, and around Spain…

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urban leasing law

News in the Urban Leasing Law


This Blog by Mercury Abogados in Marbella focuses on the main changes and/or novelties introduced in the Spanish Urban Leasing Law through the Royal Decree Law 7/2019, on urgent measures regarding renting and properties.

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Mercury Law Firm Property Tax or I.B.I.

Property Tax or I.B.I.


The Real Estate Tax or “I.B.I. TAX” in Spanish, (This tax is similar to the Council Tax in England) is regulated in Articles 60 to 77 of the Spanish Law Regulating Local Finance and in the Tax Ordinance approved by Council.

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