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Law Firm in Avenida Ricardo Soriano, Marbella


Although the main facade of our office faces Ricardo Soriano, the main entrance to the office is located in the Arias Maldonado Avenue number 2, in the El Molino building. We have placed an advertising poster indicating the location of our office in Ricardo Soriano Avenue in Marbella.

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lawyers in marbella Wealth Tax in Spain

Wealth Tax in Spain


Wealth Tax in Spain is regulated by the Spanish Law 19/1991, of 6 June, on Wealth Tax. This is a direct and personal tax on the net worth of individuals under the terms of this Law.

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GOLDEN VISA for Real Estate Investors


In this blog we will analyce the requirements that must be met to obtain the “Golden Visa” in Spain through real estate investments, as well as the terms of validity of this.

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lawyers in marbella Tax rate on company operations and stamp duty

Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty in Andalusia (Part IV)


As a general rule, in company operations the tax rate to be applied is 1%, but there are several exceptions. In some operations the tax rate will be zero, but a tax submission must still be made.

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lawyers in marbella law office in marbella Deemed income tax for individuals not resident in spain

Deemed income tax for individuals not resident in spain


If you are a non-resident in Spain and you own an urban property located in this country, you will be subject to non-resident income tax.

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mercury lawyers in marbella Municipal Gain Tax

Municipal Gain Tax


We must mention that colloquially it is called Municipal Capital Gains (Plusvalia Municipal), however, its correct name is «Tax on the increase in value of urban land. This is the reason why colloquial terminology is so popular.

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