Why to hire the services of a law firm registered with the bar association

What is a professional society?

It is one for whose performance an official university degree is required, or a professional degree for which exercise it is necessary to accredit an official university degree, and registration in the corresponding Professional Association.

There are many law firms that offer legal services, but are all law firms professional companies and registered in their corresponding bar associations?

Well, the answer is no.

Thus, not all firms are registered in their corresponding colleges, in order to register, they need to meet certain requirements that not all can meet, the main requirement is that at least the majority of the capital and voting rights, or the majority of the corporate assets and the number of partners must belong to the professional partners.

Our law firm Mercury Abogados "lawyers" in Marbella, Costa del Sol, Spain, is registered with the BAR ASSOCIATION OF MÁLAGA.

Therefore, hiring the services of a law firm that is registered with the Malaga Bar Association offers extra value to the client, and therefore we would be talking about a “pure” law firm, where at least the 50% of its partners are lawyers.

The value of hiring a pure law firm that is registered at the Malaga Bar Association in Marbella, the Costa del Sol & Andalusia.

The cost of confidentiality, ethics at performing duties & status of attorney of law is not one that you can easily put a price on, this is more true once you come to realize that you make peace with the decision you have made, choosing our law firm offers you an easier sleep at night.

Mercury Abogados SLP is a name with a reputation that precedes it, our name is registered at the Malaga Bar Association, this makes us a “pure” law firm.

Pure law firms are few & very far in between these days, you have to make the right choice once selecting the appropriate firm to handle your business & affairs.

As a registered member of the Malaga Bar Association, our law firm complies with its rules & regulations, the respective Bar is responsible for the well-being of our clients.

It is of utmost importance to us, as a law firm, that our clients & their respective well-being is looked after, their rights tended to & their demands met.

Mercury Abogados does not offer any shortages in these regards.

Our law firm strives hard to make sure our clients, prospective & past, are looked after, with years of dedication under our belt, our registration at the Bar Association pays off for the service entitled to our clients.

With us, you can be rest assured that our service it going to combine years of expertise, legal knowledge & collective team effort, along with ethics.

Mercury of Marbella is a renowned law firm for its connections to lawyers in all fields of practice in European law & Spanish law.

Our connection to the Malaga Bar Association is one of mutual beneficial means to our clients & to the Bar Association.

In essence, our clients can be guaranteed a mightier chance at success should their respective demands include us for hiring. Our Mercury is a law firm characterized by gaining wins under its belt.