Mitigations and excuses in the spanish criminal code

Our expert lawyers in Criminal Law in Marbella know all the defences and circumstances that mitigate criminal responsibility in the Spanish Penal Code. Our Law Firm represents its clients before the  criminal courts and tribunals of Marbella and Malaga, as well as in the rest of Spain.

There are the following extenuating circumstances:
  1. The causes expressed in the previous chapter, when all the necessary requirements to exempt from liability in their respective cases do not concur.
  2. When somebody is acting due to his/her serious addiction to the substances mentioned in number 2 of the previous article.
  3. If somebody is acting due to causes or stimuli so powerful that they have produced outburst, blindness or another passionate state of similar entity.
  4. When somebody recognizes that is guilty, before knowing that the judicial procedure is directed against him, to confess the infraction to the authorities.
  5. That of having preceded the culprit to repair the damage caused to the victim, or reduce its effects, at any time of the procedure and prior to the oral trial.
  6. Extraordinary and undue delay in the processing of the procedure, provided that it is not attributable to the accused himself and that it is not proportionate to the complexity of the case.
  7. Any other circumstance of similar significance to the above.

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Font:Published in: «BOE» no. 281, of 11/24/1995.Entry into force: 05/24/1996.

Department: Head of State.

Organic Law 10/1995, of November 23, of the Penal Code.

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