The process of buying a property in Spain


In relation the question of our clients about how is the process of buying a property in Spain, we are glad to inform you our clients about the steps to take:

Before signing any document or making any payment, we advise you to hire the services of an expert lawyer in real estate law from our law firm, who will carry out a study of the property, as our law firm counts expert lawyers in real estate law in Marbella and the rest of Spain in real estate law/conveyancing:

1.- Signature of the reservation document

Upon signing the reservation document, the buyer pays an amount between € 3,000 and €10,000 to the seller or the real estate agency that is involved in the operation.

So the seller takes the property off the market.

2.- Signature of the private contract.

In the private contract the conditions of the purchase are established, carefully drafting the clauses.

Thus, in connection with the "due diligence" carried out by the lawyer of Mercury abogados "the clauses of the contract will be drawn up protecting the interests of our client the buyer.

3.- Signature of the pre-contractual act of the mortgage loan

If the buyer is acquiring the property with a mortgage, he has to sign a pre-contractual act before the notary public at least 10 days before the signing of the public deed, where the notary will inform him of his rights as a borrower.

4.- Signature of the public deed before a notary public.

If the client buys with a mortgage, then the bank will provide the checks for the acquisition of the property and at the same time as the signing of the public deed of purchase, the public deed of mortgage will be signed.

5.- Payment of tax, change of ownership of supplies registration in the property registry.

Once the public deed is signed, the next step is to pay the relevant taxes and withholdings made to the seller. Change the ownership of the supplies and register the property in the property registry.

Throughout the process, the client of Mercury Abogados is advised and accompanied by one of our expert lawyers in "real estate law". Do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Marbella experts in "real estate law" "conveyancing" our lawyers will be happy to assist you.