Proposition of evidence in a trial procedure for petty crimes

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The proposition of evidence in a trial procedure for petty crimes is the procedural moment in which the parties must use the evidence that they consider relevant for the trial (so the evidence that they want to use in the trial). This includes witnesses, experts, documents such as photographs.

If photographs or any documentary evidence are provided, a copy will be given to the judge, the Public Prosecutor's Office and the opposing party.

The trial continues with the questioning of witnesses, who are obliged to tell the truth, being questioned by the Public Prosecutor's Office, and the lawyers of the complainant and the accused.

The judge will probably ask each party that has proposed a witness whether he/she is an eyewitness to the facts and whether he/she has any relationship with any of the parties.

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Finally, once the proposition of evidence in a trial procedure has been presented, both the parties (the complainant’s lawyer and the defendant’s lawyer), and the Public Prosecutor's Office analyse the evidence presented during the trial, evaluating it and asking for the verdict and sentence they deem appropriate to defend the interest of his/her client.

Clearly, the complainant's lawyer will claim for the highest possible penalty for that crime, and the defendant's lawyer will ask for free acquittal/ innocence. With regard to the Public Prosecutor's Office, if it considers that a crime has been committed, it will request the penalty it deems appropriate for the crime.



The judge will say: Stand up the accused. Do you have something to add to what was said in this room?

Then, the last word is given to the accused, who may say whatever he/she deems appropriate.

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