Goverment approves the modification on the method of calculation for the Plusvalia Municipal (Municial Gain Tax)

We are specialised lawyers in assisting our clients when this Municipal Tax is involved (i.e. when a house is sold)

On the 10th of November the new law 26/2021 is effective. Law which pursues the taxation on any incremental vale of urban soil when a sale happens, better known as Plusvalía Municipal. This happens right after the very recent sentence of our Constitutional Court on the 26th of October denying the legality of new method of calculation.

This new modification to the law is being done quick and without the necessary and thorough analysis. Just a new law being discussed and approved in the Spanish Parliament can effectively rule and taxation on this country. Therefore this new law is very likely to be subject for being anti-legal , in other words its use may be suspended if the former happens.

From Mercury Law Firm we announce that we could cover any lawsuit related to this matter. Our specialised lawyers are well aware of the base and principles of this new tax regulation and its legal implications.

Do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Marbella if you have any questions the modification of the Municial Gain Tax or at the time of buying a property, our team of expert lawyers in Marbella will be happy to advise you and carry out all the relevant procedures of the purchase.