Domestic partners or “pareja de hecho en Andalucia”

One of these areas, is the term commonly known & referred to 'Domestic partners in Andalucía' , in Spanish, “Pareja de Hecho”. The official bringing together of two peoples, be it any gender, ethnicity and/or nationality that they may be, their bringing together is cemented by the government. But each area in Spain differs with regards & respect to the rules of its cementing. They are officially mutually exclusive to each other, beneficiary to each other & regarding their coming together, the respective government of the land they live on officially recognizes them as a couple.


Our services, of Mercury “Abogados & Lawyers” SLP in Marbella, brings together two peoples of different walks of life. In unfortunate circumstances, our services also separates the co-binding of peoples that were previously together through legal means.

Either way, come hell or high water, our law firm of Mercury “Abogados & Lawyers” that is based in Marbella, applies Spanish law to its activities & is governed by experts in Spanish & international law, is ready to negotiate, battle & outwit the outcome of any situation for the well-being of our client’s.

Among the legal services offered by Mercury “Abogados & Lawyers” SLP in Marbella, sometimes we find assistance in separations and divorces, whether they are common-law couples or marriages.

Our clients, be it from any background that they may be from, are entitled to a full & well met service from our well-regarded law firm. Fortunately, our services don’t offer any shortages of traversing & expanding into different of law that are enticing & beneficial to our clients’ requirements.

On the other hand, our well-trained & that got an eye for perfection lawyers in Marbella, are skilled at handling divorces between these couples that are seeking to null their agreement of living together & at the same time, being recognized by authorities as a duo.

Mercury “Abogados & Lawyers”, fulfilling your interests

Divorce is explained thoroughly, revised & met to match the individual requirements of our clients. Respectively. Mercury “Abogados & Lawyers” SLP fully understands the requirements of couples that are not wed in the traditional sense. They also seek to understand the benefits they can offer each other to offer a better service with each party getting the fair share of the spoils of the divorce.

Do not hesitate to contact our Law Firm in Marbella if you have any questions about the matrimonial property regimes in Spain or about divorces. Also to advise you on any other civil matter. Our experienced civil law attorneys would be delighted to assist.

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