Community of owners in Marbella

In Spain, the community of owners sets & regulates their own rules through bylaws and internal rules, not before being settle that community by the developer of the property that the aforementioned community lives in. These laws are necessary to ensure mutual cooperation from all fronts & respect for these laws is mandatory, it is even stated in the Spanish code of regulations, “Ley 49/1960 - 21st of July”.

 It is important for communities to respect each other & each other’s living space, it is imperative to continue & sustain a living standard for residents of a property, owners of said property & those profiting & making a living off of the property.

Statutes of Communities of Owners

 Usually, it is almost often the case, the developer is the one making the rules, in order to avoid escalation of debates between dozens of residents. These laws are regulated by the community, for the community.

 Meetings & moments of discussion that a conversation between all residents is held is decided by the community, also. Our offices of Mercury SLP, for short, abide by the bylaws that are in place. It is not uncommon to have cases of bylaws disregard to its authority that are attached to other bigger cases that are unrelated to the bylaws.

 Bylaws have a purpose, that purpose is to ensure everyone maximizes use of their community & its benefits in a way that is harmless & a way that is beneficial to those making a living off of the community.

 It is a chance for those in managerial positions to showcase their worth, as the structure is managed internally & only by residents & users of office spaces inside the community.

Community fees & expenses are paid by the owners. These fees are made out as taxes to better improve the living conditions of residents, these fees go to a gardener, construction, maintenance & last, not least, the security guard that is guarding the community.

As you can see, the majority of these jobs are beneficial & crucial to the well-being & assured safety of the residents in the community they inhabit.

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