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New way of calculating those Capital Gains

New way of calculating those Capital Gains obtained from a property sale


The Government has recently modified the method of calculating capital gains, mostly known in Spain as IIVTNU (Tax on the Increase of Value in Urban Lands). Now we have two alternatives to calculate the tax rate…

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Tax modification affecting property taxations lawyers in marbella

Tax modification affecting property taxations with effective application from January 2022 onwards


As of next January the 1st 2022, the way to calculate the tax base of the ITP, the Estate and Inheritance tax will be linked to the reference value of the Cadastre

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Mitigations and excuses in the spanish criminal code Mercury lawyers in Marbella

Mitigations and Excuses in the Spanish Criminal Code


Committing a crime does not mean necessarily carries the entire penalty set forth in the articles of our Criminal Code. There are a series of defenses or “tools” that the Spanish criminal code allow to use, mitigations and excuses.

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Non-Resident Tax (modelo 210) Mercury lawyers in Marbella

Non-Resident Tax (modelo 210) for those owners with properties in Spain


All those Non-Residents with properties in Spain are due to present and liquidate the referred TAX before the end of 2021.

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The modification of the Municial Gain Tax. Mercury Lawyers in Marbella

Goverment approves the modification on the method of calculation for the Plusvalia Municipal (Municial Gain Tax)


Do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Marbella if you have any questions regarding to the Andalusian transfer Tax and stamp duty or at the time of buying a property,

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Andalusia lowers transfer tax and stamp duty

Andalusia temporarily lowers transfer tax and stamp duty


In this blog of Mercury Abogados in Marbella we are going to analyze the temporary reduction of the transfer tax (ITP) and stamp duty (AJD) in Andalusia for the acquisitions of real estate between April 27, 2021 and December 31, 2021.

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Expert lawyers in renewable energies Mercury Lawyers in Marbella

Expert lawyers in renewable energies


With the ever-evolving, ever-changing & dynamic world around us, it is for the sake of the continuation of our population that our lead experts focus on creating more avenues for energy to be used as a resource…

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Domestic partners

Domestic partners or ‘pareja de hecho en Andalucia’


One of these areas, is the term commonly known & referred to in Spanish, “Pareja de Hecho”. The official bringing together of two peoples, be it any gender, ethnicity and/or nationality that they may be, their bringing together is cemented by the government, each area in Spain differs with regards & respect to the rules of its cementing.

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Expert lawyers in immigration law in Costa del Sol

Expert lawyers in immigration law in Costa del Sol


Regarding the laws of immigration in our base nation of Spain, it is clear & straightforward, with many requirements coming straight down from the European Union.

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The color orange and Mercury Abogados


The reason for our choosing the color orange is because it signifies strength, resoluteness & veers towards light-heartedness. Our legal firm in Marbella is a firm that is close to its clients, taking their matters & affairs to heart, personally.

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