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Lawyers specialising in mediation

Our Lawyers specialising in Mediation are strong supporters of alternative systems of conflict resolution, looking at ways of avoiding confrontation and coming to agreement in all phases of any conflict.

In Mercury Lawyers Marbella we rely especially on mediation. In all the cases in which we intervene we study the possibilities of using the most comfortable, brief, economic and least painful systems to solve the conflicts of our clients.

We have the collaboration of Lawyers specialising in Mediation in Marbella, who act neutrally and impartially, thus ensuring that our clients have the best opportunities to reach a resolution, giving legal advice about all the alternatives so that our clients can make the best and most informed choice.

The mediation offered by our Law Firm in Marbella is cheaper, quicker and more flexible than a full legal process. Through the assistance of our expert solicitors in Mediation in Marbella, we try to ensure that the interested parties themselves reach a solution of their conflict.

Lawyers specialising in Mediation in marbella

The agreement must be a win-win solution for both parties.


Voluntarily initiated by the interested parties . Any of the parties can withdraw at any time.

What is discussed in a session will not be used outside the mediation process, keeping the matters that are treated private.


Mediators cannot be cited as witnesses by courts.



It adapts to the characteristics and needs of the parties and it can deal with all the issues that concern the parties, without being limited to those raised in the judicial process


Mediation is based on the respect and good faith of the parties.

It is based on dialogue. The mediator will monitor and check that the parties have equal opportunities to express themselves


Mediators are independent and neutral, therefore they will not make a judgment or an assessment, and likewise, they have no prior relationship with the parties.

One of the main characteristics of the mediation is that conflicts can be resolved without going to court.


Our Mediator Lawyer in Marbella is a professional who has specific training in mediation, is duly accredited, and meets the legal requirements to perform that function.

The metiation services of our Law Firm in Marbella provide clients with perfect guidance in each and every stage of the mediation, including:

  • Domestic mediation
  • Criminal mediation
  • Civil mediation
  • Commercial mediation
  • Social affairs mediation
  • Mediation with local or national government

Mediation is not a legal procedure and it can be initiated at the beginning of a conflict or at any time during the legal process.

So our clients can participate in mediation from start to finish.

Among the benefits that our Law Firm in Marbella obtains for our clients who decide to mediate are:

An approach is made between the parties, so the dialogue is reestablished and collaboration between the interested parties is enabled.

With the willingness of each party, the agreement can achieve quicker solutions than in the courts, and adapted to the needs of the parties.

Due to the fact that there has previously been a dialogue between the parties, it increases the degree of satisfaction and compliance with the agreements and judicial resolutions that approve them.

Mediation reduces the emotional and financial cost.

Mediation relaxes tensions produced in the conflict, improving the relationship between the parties.

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